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Stay . . . just a little bit longer.

Well we’re off to a good start.  How many games until that injury bug comes back and finshes off the players it left out last year? When will players learn that they are more valuable to the team, and the fans, healthy?  Grant it, Lidge did nothing wrong, he was simply following orders from the [...]

Phillies are staying loose early on.

I think the Kendrick prank has gotten enough talk by now that most people have seen it, and in case you missed it, here’s a chance to view it. Kendrick prank. I’m glad to see that the Phillies are getting news on ESPN because of how relaxed they are. Also, pulling a prank like that [...]

Eagles Slap Franchise Tag on LJ Smith

The Eagles have put the franchise tag on LJ Smith. Honestly, this disappoints me. It’s not that LJ Smith doesn’t have sparks of greatness. It’s just that he’s never, ever been consistent. Never. Not even during their Super Bowl run. As the NFL Guru puts it, Smith is prone to injury and he’s a below [...]

Smokin’ Girls of Sports

In Philadelphia, while we struggle through the sad state of sports in the city, there is one thing in the sports world that will never let us down. The girls of sports. So let’s be thankful for lists like PopCrunch’s 50 Hottest Women of Sports. Total eyecandy. Check it out.

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