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This is by far the greatest day of my life. Having the Phillies make their first playoff appearance since 1993 is awesome. But being at the stadium, 6 rows from the dugout, made me the happiest guy alive. I’m going to try and go through this entire day so that years from now, I can [...]

It all comes down to this.

The Good: At least the Phillies still have a chance to make the playoffs. The Bad: Howard really needs to become a DH. We all know how bad his throwing is. But then again, that’s why he plays first. And his glove has NEVER been anything to brag about. But his defensive intellignece is lacking. [...]

The team to beat.

The Good: That was an unbelievable start by Hamels. That may have been his most dominate performance of his career. Rollins continues to blow everyone away with his run production. Something not very common for a lead-off hitter. That catch Rowand made in the outfield may have been the second greatest catch by a Phillies [...]

Tied in 1st . . . for now.

The Good: Kyle Kendrick showing that he is a season veteran by getting a crucial . . . What? He’s a rookie? Nice. I’m glad he’s on my team. Howard and Burrell both hitting the biggest homeruns of their careers. Unless you’re considering every homerun Burrell hit off of Wagner. And maybe Howard’s 58th homerun [...]

Phillies keep playoff race tight with win.

The Good: They sure looked like a good team out there. Grant it they were helped out when Utley wasn’t called out for running on the grass infield. I have to admit, I thought he should’ve been called out. But getting a call to go your way wasn’t the only reason why they won. Lohse [...]

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