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Phillies score early and often.

The Good: Got an important run in the first. If they leave Rollins stranded on 3rd in the first inning, this whole game could’ve been different. Werth is on another planet right now. The Bad: Three Phillies get hit by a pitch. Regardless of if they were intentional or not, next time Mitre comes up [...]


The Good: Where the hell do I start? A four game sweep of the division leaders. Howard hitting a homerun. Burrell hitting one. His second one doesn’t count because Wagner just accdidently threw the ball at his bat. Rowand and Werth making two amazing plays at the fence. Werth stealing two bases. Iguchi with that [...]

Can they do it one more time?

The Good: They’re still one game away from doing the impossible, but I didn’t think they had a chance of winning more then one game. But more importantly, winning these games have proved that this Mets team is beatable. While the wildcard is more likely, the East is not unattainable. Once again, Rollins getting on [...]

Who is this team?

The Good: Hopefully Rollins is coming out of his mini-slump. He’s such a crucial part of this lineup because of his ability to score, to make other people score, and steal bases. In his last two games, he’s had two hits each and he scored twice each game. At times, he can be more important [...]

Screw the wildcard, we’re taking the east.

The Good: Werth looking like Ted Williams, Howard starting to heat up, and the bullpen going 2.2 shutout innings. But most importantly, CHASE UTLEY is once again showing that he is not human. An average person breaks his hand, they don’t use it for 2-3 months. Utley breaks his hand and he’s hitting homeruns in [...]

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