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Injuries hurt Phillies.

The Good: Chris Roberson doing a great impression of Bourn and Victorino by getting on base all night long. Burrell keeping his stroke going. But most importantly . . . NO INJURIES!!! The Bad: Eaton proving that he’s almost as big of a waste of money as Garcia. 3 ERRORS!!! Howard starting to struggle again. [...]

The King is back.

The Good:  I once again believe in King Cole.  If Coste is God, Rowand has got to be the Holy Spirit (nothing like a little blasphemy in a baseball blog).  The Iguchi deal isn’t proving to be as worthless as I had originally thought it would be. The Bad:  I’m waiting for the camera guy [...]

Coste is God.

The Good:  After another amazing day from Rollins, I’m starting to think that he should be left as a 5-hole hitter when Utley comes back.  A guy with so much power could drive in twice as many runs if he was slotted back a few spots.  The only problem would be that he may have [...]

A snowman in the 5th.

The Good: Burrell goes another game with an RBI. Bourn and Rollins continue to dominate the basepaths. The bullpen looked very dominant. Victorino making up for the absence of Utley by supplying the hard-nose baseball playing The Bad: Durbin giving up 4 BB. Before everyone goes out to buy tickets for September, let’s take a [...]

You say goodbye, I say hello.

The Good:  The Phillies should really try a game having all their starting pitchers bat in the lineup.  They easily have the best hitting pitchers in baseball.  These guys may not be able to pitch that well, but boy can they hit.  And it’s not officially a game until Pat Burrell walks. The Bad:  Um [...]

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