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I hate the Mets.

The Good:  Howard didn’t strike out today.  Ruiz continued to keep Barajas on the bench.  They only lost once today.  The Bad:  I guess I’m being redundant but once again, pitching cost them another game.  Is it me or is Rollins making a lot of errors recently?  Is the Bourn experiment ending soon? Only one [...]

Game 1 = bad, Game 2 = badder

GAME 1 The Good:  Once again, the offense didn’t roll over and die.  Coste is finally playing at the level he deserves to play in and showed it with his homer.  Durbin lowered his ERA 72.56 points.  Helms and Burrell didn’t completely suck. The Bad:  Once again, the pitching rolled over and died.  Games like [...]

Who said baseball is a boring sport?

The Good: The offense being able to consistently score runs to either tie the game or take the lead. CHASE UTLEY and JIMMY ROLLINS. I’m just waiting for Ruiz to cool off, but it looks like that might take a while. Alfonseca being able to prove that people over 65 can still serve a purpose [...]

Sixers Select Thaddeus Young at 12

The Sixers selected 6’8″ forward Thaddeus Young out of Georgia Tech, widely considered the number 2 forward with the 12th pick of the 2007 draft. Thad Young is very athletic, has tremendous upside and is being compared to Paul Pierce. Sounds good to me. However, one of Thad Young’s weaknesses seams to be defense and [...]

Take my bullpen, please.

The Good: The 3 runs in the bottom of the 6th. It was good to see that they didn’t just give up after allowing a 6 spot to the Reds. At least the offense on this team has a backbone. Maybe they can share it with the bullpen. Moyer pitching 6 great innings. Dobbs going [...]

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