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Same story, different year.

I’d like to apologize for not being able to write a blog on the next Phillies lose.  Excuse me, I mean game.  I have prior engangements that will take me far away from a computer.  Actually, tomorrow the Phillies might not lose, after all they are going up against a righty. If the Phillies have [...]

“Baby I was born to run.”

30 seconds after the double play, I get a phone call from my father asking, “where was he running to?” Does anybody have the answer to that?  Each game I am more and more amazed at how they find new ways to screw themselves over.  Up until the 8th inning I had this blog all [...]

Stop hating on Charlie.

Get rid of him.  He’s the worst manager ever.  He’s a bumbling fool.  My grandmother could manage a better game.  Crucify him, crucify him. Sorry about, got caught up in the peer pressure. Now I know that the cool thing to do nowadays is to blame Charlie Manuel for everything that goes wrong in the [...]

Garcia the flop.

Before everyone starts blaming Barajas for “choking” I hope we are all mature enough to realize it’s not his fault the Phils lost.  There really is no one to blame for that lose.  They just ran into some great pitching by Doug Davis. Today’s game did give more support to the Dobbs > Burrell concept [...]

Life is better after a sweep of the braves.

Talk about a decisive win.  First off, where the hell did this Dobbs fellow come from and why hasn’t he been on the team until now.  Screw the struggling Burrell.  Tell him to take his money and go cruise the clubs for chicks, we’ll take the real baseball player in Dobbs. THANK GOD Howard is [...]

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