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Good News

The apocalypse has been averted. Ryan Howard went 2 for 3 today with a homerun. Tidbits from today’s press pass: Chase Utley leads the Grapefruit League in slugging % (.750) Jimmy Rollins leads the Grapefruit League in OBP (.493) Michael Bourn ranks 2nd in runs (16), 2nd in triples (2), and 3rd in SBs (6) [...]

Rollins walks around with swag

You’d think with all the money Jimmy Rollins makes, he could afford something of a little higher quality than swag. Maybe some acapulco gold or some super skunk, right? “If you can’t walk around with swag, don’t walk around.” Sounds like something B-Real would say on a Cypress Hill album. Headlines about teams that matter: [...]

Afternoon news

A couple notable items: The Phillies released Karim Garcia – Bourn looks to be 5th outfielder. Takeo Spikes was born to play WILL linebacker – Ryan Howard got the day off today. Ryan Howard graces the cover of ESPN the Mag ___

Urbina to the pen

So much for bullpen help. Former Philadelphia Phillie Ugueth Urbina was sentenced to 14 years in a Venezuelan prison today. And for what? A couple unauthorized visitors to his ranch decide to bathe in Urbina’s swimming pool. Urbina decides what better way to convince them to leave than to pour gasoline on them and light [...]

Ryan Howard’s Psychology

A couple months ago I suggested the possibility that Howard’s softly expressed disappointment with his contract situation might get in the way of his playing baseball. Those who responded to this idea didn’t think it was anything to worry about. But something has clearly gone wrong with Ryan Howard. As Enrico over at The 700 [...]

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