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Phillies Game Coverage

The Phillies/FSU game will be broadcast live tonight on the Florida State University website.

Philadelphia Eagles, cheap?

Jack McCaffery renews my faith in him being an idiot today. Good for him. Today McCaffery argues that Jeff Garcia got the “T.O. Treatment.” Whatever the hell that means. Did Garcia get suspended? Did the Eagles garnish his wages? McCaffery also commits a cardinal sin in my book, when he calls the Philadelphia Eagles cheap. [...]

Mikell extended

On the heels of the A.J. Feeley extension, the Birds have also decided to extend safety Quintin Mikell. Mikell received a 4-year deal. Numbers have not been disclosed. Mikell has proven to be an excellent special teams player for the Birds and started to get more of a look at the safety position at the [...]

Amani Toomer, freaky deaky

Just like R. Kelly, Giant receiver Amani Toomer will piss on you. According to recently filed divorce papers, Toomer’s wife alleges: …when she didn’t want to have sex, Toomer acted “irrationally and outrageously” – once urinating on her clothes, and another time tossing her BlackBerry into the Hudson River. Good stuff.

Feeley and the Flyers

Jeff Garcia, the Philadelphia Eagle savior of 2006, is as good as gone. The Eagles decided their future is better guarded by A.J. Feeley, a younger, bigger-armed QB with an equally hot girlfriend. And I can’t say I disagree with their decision. I know, I know, Jeff Garcia was the spark that ignited the 2006 [...]

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