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Philly Sports is paying a rate of $100/month plus 25% revenue share to any passionate, opinionated and dedicated Philly Sports fan who is willing to write at least 15 articles per month. Each article should be 300 -600 words long. Your fandom should at least cover the 4 major sports teams and preferably expand out [...]

Thoughts on the Iverson Trade

As much as it surprises me to say this, I’m very happy with the Iverson trade. Why does it surprise me to say this? Because up until now, Billy King has been completely incompetent as GM. But alas, it was a good trade, so kudos should be handed out where they are due. So why [...]

Iverson Wants Out of Philly…Thank God!

Word on the street is that Allen Iverson wants out of Philly…and I couldn’t be happier. Iverson is a good player. No, he’s a great player. But he’s also a ball hog. And he’s just doesn’t have the right attitude to be a team leader…he’s selfish. So, when I heard today that Iverson was pressing [...]

Hey, The Birds Looked Good

Was that a different Eagles team? Or am I now in some alternative universe? The Eagles looked good last night against the Panthers. Sure they made a few mistakes. But all in all, they looked good. The defense looked tough. Real tough. They tackled hard. They stuffed the run. They created turnovers. They got the [...]

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