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Phillies Settle For Second Best

What a surprise. Here we are again. The Sixers are floating in mediocrity. The Flyers, well, they fired perhaps the best coach in the NHL. The Eagles…well, they just aren’t good anymore. They’re lacking in talent. And what about the Phils? They just signed Adam Eaton to take them over the hump next year. Eaton? [...]

Andy Reid’s Huge Problem

You want to know what Andy Reid’s problem is? Here it is. He let’s theory and principle get in the way of common sense. Plain and simple. Why go with Jeff Garcia over A.J. Feeley? Well, because Garcia has been a starter and has more experience than Feeley. Not so fast Andy. Even the fans [...]

It’s Official: Time to start rebuilding the Eagles

Whether you like it or not, it’s time to start dismantling this Eagles team from the top down. Andy Reid is a good coach, but he’s no longer effective in Philadelphia. Start by getting rid of him. Bring in a coach who’s got some football attitude. Gruden is on everyone’s shortlist right now. He’d be [...]

What to make of the Birds?

So the Eagles beat the Redskins handedly. 27-3. That’s an impressive win. There’s also talk about the fact that they ran the ball more than they passed. On the surface everthing seems to be back on track. But in my view the picture’s a lot less rosy than it seems. Let’s consider the facts: 1. [...]

So much for the Sixers

I admit it. I got sucked in when the Sixers won their first three games against some good teams. I did. But I was stupid. I should have known. This is the same team as last year. They can’t play defense. Plain and simple. Defense ultimately wins games in the NBA. Problems: Webber. Keep him [...]

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