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The Sad State of Philly Sports

After reading this article, you may think I’m crazy but I’m trying to put things in perspective…and I’ve just now realized that Philly Sports fans have absolutely nothing to look forward to at this point in time. After thinking things through, I’m more depressed than I’ve been in a long time about sports in Philadelphia. [...]

Flyers Fizzle – Hitchcock fired, Clark quits

This morning marks the biggest shakeup in recent Flyers history.  Off to their worst start in memorable history, the Flyers have fired coach Ken Hitchcock and general manager Bob Clarke has resigned.  That’s shocking news.  Not so much because it isn’t deserved as the fact that these guys, especially Clarke, are so ingrained in my [...]

Birds Lose to New Orleans

Not much to say about this game besides the fact that I think the Eagles were actually the better team.  So I’m naturally disappointed that they lost the game. That’s not to diminish New Orleans’ performance.  They were good.  And it’s not to let the Eagles defense off the hook for a poor start to [...]

Dhani Jones: Most Improved Player Of The Year

I’ve gotta give props where props are due. I dish out criticism where criticism is due.  And in the past some of that criticism has been aimed at Dhani Jones.  Deservedly so.  In the past, he’s been a lame linebacker.  I thought he was the weak spot for the Eagles on defense this year. Turns [...]

Howard Eskin Gets His Own Video Game!

Howard Eskin to be featured in XBox and XBox 360 Bumper Cars game.   The game is called “Bump The Moron” – and the goal is to knock Eskin off his bumper car soapbox. Source:

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