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Will Donte’ Stallworth Push the Eagles Into the Playoffs?

You know what?  I think he will. My previous analysis which explained five reasons why the Eagles won’t make the playoffs isn’t completely undermined, and still may hold true, but I think Stallworth brings an explosiveness to this offense that wouldn’t otherwise have been here. Stallworth is on a whole different level than the other [...]

Philly’s Other Team

Bet you’ve never heard of the Philly Force! Bet you didn’t know that there was a professional fast pitch league for women. Neither had I until I saw this video on the Reading, PA internet news channel. Apparently, some of the games are even broadcast on ESPN. I’m in the minority I think, but I [...]

My Fantasy League Team

In a league of 8 teams, here’s my team: QB D. McNabb QB K. Warner WR T. Owens WR R. Wayne RB B. Westbrook RB W. Parker TE A. Gates W/T P. Burress W/R D. Stallworth N. Rackers DEF Tampa BayD M. Vrabel D T. NewmanDB R. Mickens DL T. Davis Thoughts? Well, I’m taking [...]

Five Reasons Why Eagles Fans Need To Get A Clue

In my post Five Reasons Why The Eagles Won’t Make The Playoffs I’ve been given the Howard Eskin “moron” treatment by Eagles fans. Truth be told, there wasn’t a single knock-down argument provided to completely undermine my main point, which is that the Eagles WILL NOT make the playoffs this year. I wish I were [...]

Five Reasons Why The Eagles Won’t Make the Playoffs

So the Eagles are coming off their worst season in forever. Most fans think it was a fluke. I don’t. Here’s why. Defenses have figured out how to dominate an offense with zero up-the-gut run potential. Send eight guys, every time. Doesn’t matter how good your offensive line is. McNabb should still be worried. Can’t [...]

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