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Brett Myers Returns to Philly but Phillies Lose in 9th

Last night marked the first night where Brett Myers was on the mound in Philadelphia since his incident with his wife in Boston. Myers took some much needed time off after he hit his wife on the streets of Boston before the All-Star break. He pitched pretty well last night amidst some boos and encouraging [...]

Eagles begin training camp

Thank God. The summer has been a bore as far as Philly Sports go. Nothing gets the green blood pumping like a new Eagles’ season. (Even though I still don’t think they’ll squeak into the playoffs this year, and I’ll tell you why in a few days). Hey, I’m not the only one who gets [...]

Howard Wins the Home Run Derby

For the 2nd straight year the Phillies have walked away with the Home Run Derby champion. Well if the Phillies can’t win a ball game, they might as well win a meaningless home run contest. Last year, Bobby Abreu won the trophy with an outstanding performance and this year Ryan Howard was the victor over [...]

Utley, Howard, Gordon Chosen for All Star Game

The Phillies will have 3 representatives for next week’s MLB All Star Game since Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, and Tom Gordon were selected. Utley will start at 2nd base for the National League team while Gordon and Howard will come in as reserves. For Howard and Utley this will be their first All Star game [...]

Sixers and Flyers Inactive at Start of Free Agency

Both the NBA and NHL free agency periods began this week and plenty of teams have made major moves to improve their teams. Unfortunately, both the 76ers and Flyers have held back from signing any key players. Rather, they have made minor deals that are barely making headlines. The only free agency headlines in Philly [...]

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