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Mike Lieberthal – The Worst Catcher in the MLB

Tonight should mark the return of catcher Mike Lieberthal to the starting lineup with Brett Myers taking the mound for the Phillies. One would think that Phillies fans and myself should be happy with the return of a starter from injury, but that’s simply not the case with Lieby. In the past few years, Phillies [...]

The Real Phillies

Seems like it happens every year. The Phils start the season off slow, then they go on a winning streak where they seem invincible, then they struggle. Kyle recently asked for the Real Phillies to Please Stand Up. Ever since he asked that question, they’ve lost four straight series. First, they got swept by the [...]

Eagles Primed to Improve on 6-10 Season

This offseason the Eagles didn’t make Terrell Owens or Jevon Kearse type additions like they did 2 years ago but there’s no doubt they improved their team. They made some good additions in free agency and then they had an excellent draft which should help in a year or two. They were unsuccessful in getting [...]

How to Transform the 76ers Back to an Elite NBA Team

The last few years have been quite the struggle for the 76ers and they will need some major retooling to get back to being a serious contender in the NBA. For this article, I’m going to assume the 76ers will trade Allen Iverson this offseason for two reasons. First, the Sixers need to think about [...]

Barbaro Improving but Still only 50-50 to Survive

At the begnning of Saturday’s race, Barbaro not only lost his chance at the Triple Crown but he also may have lost a chance to lead a successful life after racing. Barbaro suffered a catastrophic injury to his back right leg, which usually mean the end of the horse’s life at the track due to [...]

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