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Sixers Face Biggest Game of Season So Far

Riding high on a four game win streak, the Sixers encounter what may be their biggest game of the season thus far against the newly rejuvinated, and champion contender Miami Heat. The Heat and Pistons are typically considered the two contending teams out of the East. If the Sixers can step it up tonight, they [...]

Eagles lose to Giants in Overtime

Now I don’t mind watching that kind of game, even if the Iggles lose. They fought hard, they put themselves in a position to win, and the game was tight all the way through. I would’ve traded tickets from the Seahawks game for the Giants game any day! Hey, that Moats guy looks good. He’s [...]

The Fly-Guys Win At The End

I’ve gotta admit…I was just listening to the game in the background when Radivojevic scored the winning goal with only 53 seconds left in regulation. But damn did it get my attention. The Flyers seem to have gotten a habit for winning games in the final seconds. If my memory is working, there have been [...]

Sixers secure first place against Nets

I still can’t get excited about this Sixers team. Why? Because they aren’t consistent. That’s it. When I get behind a team, I want to know who I’m cheering for but with these Sixers different players seem to show up on any given night. One night Iggy is great, the next night he doesn’t show [...]

Prediction: Giants 35 – Eagles 14

I went to that Eagles game last week. They had Westbrook in THAT game. I see nothing to make me think that they can put points on the board the rest of the season. In fact, if they score more than 20 points in any of these final games, it will only be because of [...]

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