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Prediction: Eagles 24 – Giants 27

You’ll be surprised by how good Mr. McMahon plays in his first official start with the Eagles. The Eagles will continue trying to run the ball, but against the Giants D-Line, it will come up short. Instead, to everyone’s surprise, McMahon steps up to the plate and turns the game into a shoot-out with Manning. [...]

Prediction: Eagles 14 – Dallas 24

Everybody and their grandmothers are picking the Eagles to win this game because “they have to” or because they’re “motivated” by the T.O. situation. But seriously, I think that of all the NFC East teams, the Eagles match up the worst with Dallas. Expect the Eagles secondary to get shredded up…again. And, I expect that [...]

Giants, Redskins Lose

Let’s be thankful to the Vikings and Buccaneers. If the Eagles win on Monday night (a big if) they’re only one game out of first place. We couldn’t have asked for a better Sunday leading up to tomorrow night.

Are these the Sixers? Are you kidding me?

Man. Start off the season at 0-3 and I was ready for another lame-duck season. You know, another season where Iverson gets his stats and the team loses games. But, now they’re 4-3. That’s four straight wins, against not-so-bad teams like the Mavs, Clippers, Pacers and Lakers. It’s not just that they’ve won these games. [...]

Flyers on Six Game Winning Streak

The Flyers have the worst penalty-kill in the league. They’re missing their best penalty killers. But they’re winning games. Four straight by only 1 goal. Six straight overall. Watching the Flyers this year has been thrilling. Even when they go down by two or three goals, they seem to find ways to come back and [...]

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