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Eagles-Broncos Preview

Prediction: Broncos 23 – Eagles 17 So Andy Reid says he’s going to run more? Against the Broncos? Did you know that the Broncos have the 5th best rushing defense in the NFL? Yet they have the 26th WORST pass defense? Did you know that Andy Reid likes to play to his strengths and against [...]

Flyers Win At Very End

With three minutes to go, it looked like the Flyers were destined for a 2nd straight loss. But with less than one minute left in the game, Forsberg scored his first goal of the season and the Flyers took the game into overtime, eventually winning it on Pitkanen’s top left shelf shot which passed by [...]

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – Game 6

So I needed a little break from football after the devestation that was Dallas. And it looks like the Birds needed it too – at least the defense appeared to use that time off wisely. Judgement is still out on the offense. But in the end, we got another thrilling victory over a quality opponent. [...]

Eagles Get Lucky; Defense Redeems Itself

When all is said and done, the Eagles probably should have lost to the Chargers. With 3-4 minutes to go I kept repeating to myself “3-3″ , “3-3″ – it sounded terrible, but I couldn’t see them winning this game. The Eagles offense was miserable. When it came to penalties: miserable. When it came to [...]

Flyers Dominate Islanders, 5-1

For the first time this season the Flyers were able to play strong for 60 minutes and the final score reflected that. Even the though the Flyers scored 4 of their 5 goals in the first period, they did not let up, continuing to pour on the offensive pressure. In fact, the Flyers got another [...]

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