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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – Week 3

Repeat after me: McNabb will be fine. Maybe if we all say it together, it will come true. While the Eagles need time to rest and relax to heel their physical wounds, I think we all ned to rest and relax to heel our emotional wounds. My heart can’t take many more games like yesterday’s [...]

Eagles Win With Grit

The Eagles were banged and bruised. They came out looking pathetic, raking up an impressive number of first half penalty yards. They gave the Raiders the ball at the 50 to start the game after three consecutive penalties on the kickoff, which included a Bartrum kick out of bounds. They got in the hole early, [...]

Phillies Keep on Doing Their Thing

One thing’s for sure. You can’t phault the phighten’ phils. They just got done winning their fourth straight series in a row. Two against the Braves and two against the Marlins. That’s how you win pennant chases. In the final game of a three game series with the Braves, Lieber pitched a shutout, going 8 [...]

Week 3 Football Picks; Eagles by 13

I’ve got the Eagles winning this one by 13. Eagles 30- Raiders 17 My other picks: Bills 23 – Falcons 21 Steelers 17 – Patriots 14

Some things to enjoy

You know, there’s a lot about sports to enjoy besides winning. In BirdTown, where winning the championship (any championship) has been all too elusive, its easy to overlook this fact. In a town like this, as great as we are, sports can become one dimensional: win or lose. But you know what. Even if the [...]

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