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More Signs the Flyers are going after youth

The first bit of evidence was the release of LeClair and Amonte. Then, the Flyers went out and locked up Jeff Carter and Mike Richards, two young blooders who they are looking to as the future of the team. Both players were first round picks in 2003. Now, the Philadelphia Flyers have traded right winger [...]

If they hadn’t been swept by Houston…

…the Phillies would currently be *at least* tied for the wildcard position. That’s remarkable. It’s helped that the Nats are in a tailspin. But here’s something to meditate on…the Phillies have been doing great against the crappy teams and not so great against the good teams. That spells mediocrity. Even if they are in the [...]

Terrell Owens, Uncensored

Sports Illustrated has a nice feature entitled Terrell Owens, Uncensored. It’s a collection of choice quotes and photos. Here’s an example: “As you get to know me, you kind of figure me out, that I’m not as probably as bad of a guy that I’ve been reported to be. I’m not that jerk.” – Owens [...]

BirdTown: Philadelphia season begins

Alrighty. Philadelphia is now officially in season as of Friday, July 29th at 5pm. Here in BirdTown, nothing could be better than a reminder of things to come. Football season begins…now. No one is happier than those of us who run Philly Sports Net. The Phillies, Flyers, Sixers…they’re all fun, but they ain’t what Philadelphia’s [...]

Mike Patterson Signs with Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles signed their number one pick in the 2005 draft, defensive tackle Mike Patterson, to a five year deal. The package included a reported $4 million signing bonus. There had been fears that Patterson would hold out of camp. The Eagles like Patterson a lot and they see in him a rare opportunity [...]

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