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Eagles Win the Super Bowl!

When it comes to preseason NFL magazines and their 2005 prognostications, it’s appropriate to defer to the defending champions, Athlon and Street & Smith’s, both of which correctly picked the New England Patriots to defeat the Philadelphia Eagles in last year’s Super Bowl. This summer, however, the two publications disagree on the makeup of Super [...]

McNabb says Owens will be at training camp

“He will be at camp. Now if he shows up to camp, he shows up. If he doesn’t, hey, I’m just telling you my opinion.” – Donovan McNabb

Westbrook Signs One Year Deal

As was expected, Westbrook has signed a one year contract with the Eagles. This was a smart move by Westbrook, and probably spurred on by his new agent. If things go well this season, he may be looking at nice money in one year’s time. Holdouts are bad (take a hint, Owens). Westbrook finally signed [...]

And outta nowhere…

…the Phillies find themselves only 2.5 games out of first place. In the blink of an eye, they pulled off the unthinkable, dominating a long series of games against high-caliber teams. Can they sustain this pace? Can they climb out of the cellar into first place before the all-star break? Things seem to be coming [...]

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