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Talk about a lull in the sports season. I went from getting a college football bowl game nightly, with pro football sprinkled in on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday to the 76ers trailing the Memphis Grizzlies by 20 points. Gambling can’t even keep me interested. I do know that the NFL draft is a mere 100 [...]

Fearless Predictions for 2007

I know, I know, we’re already 10 days into 2007.  But don’t worry, I’m not going to go the corny route and make predictions like the Eagles will beat the Giants, 23-20, in the playoffs or the Flyers will absorb a 6-2 defeat to the Capitals on January 9. What I will do is group my predictions into simple categories.  Here it [...]

March Madness – Sweet Sixteen Recap

The action of the Sweet Sixteen games started off with a slight shocker. LSU outplayed Duke to advance to the Elite Eight. Duke was unable to match LSU’s intensity and lost 62-54. This was the second straight year where Duke was unable to advance into the Elite 8. The 2nd game featured possible cinderellas Bradley [...]

Nova Takes BC in OT

They stareted the game down 9. They were losing 25-9 at one point in the first half. They trailed the entire game. But they won. Villanova managed to defeat Boston College by 1 point in overtime. A last minute in bounds pass for a layup (that was scored for goaltending but would have gone in [...]

March Madness – Day 4 Recap

The first action of the day featured the Pittsburgh Panthers playing the Bradley Braves. Bradley, being from the disputted Missouri Valley Conference, had something to prove against Pitt. And Bradley did just that by outplaying Pitt and winning behind the excellent play of Patrick O’Bryant who had 28 points. Bucknell’s hopes of advancing to the [...]

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