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Stay . . . just a little bit longer.

Well we’re off to a good start.  How many games until that injury bug comes back and finshes off the players it left out last year? When will players learn that they are more valuable to the team, and the fans, healthy?  Grant it, Lidge did nothing wrong, he was simply following orders from the [...]

Phillies are staying loose early on.

I think the Kendrick prank has gotten enough talk by now that most people have seen it, and in case you missed it, here’s a chance to view it. Kendrick prank. I’m glad to see that the Phillies are getting news on ESPN because of how relaxed they are. Also, pulling a prank like that [...]

We’ve only just begun.

So the Mets got Johan.  Before you give up on the Phillies chancing of repeating in the East, you need to think about that Mets team.  Their starting rotation is still incomplete.  John Maine may be their best option right now.  Pedro’s arm will be falling off any day now.  And Perez is as consistent [...]

Really, who here isn’t using steroids?

Nowadays, an entire blog could be dedicated to steroids in baseball. And I am quite sick of it. I understand the importance of keeping baseball clean, but let’s get serious . . . it’s never going to happen. Technology these days is forever going to keep ahead of the authorities in charge of keeping sports [...]

I’m back.

It’s about time Philadelphia can be more proud of it’s baseball team then it’s football team. While Spring Training is still a few weeks away, it’s never too early to start thinking about baseball.  But before I get started on the new season, I would like to apologize for anyone that is still checking this [...]

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