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Penn Missing From List of Most Beautiful Colleges

I just ran across this list of the 50 Most Beautiful Colleges from a publication called The Best Colleges. It’s a fun list to look through, but notoriously missing from the list is The University of Pennsylvania’s amazing urban campus. Now I’ve been on a lot of campuses both in rural and city settings, and [...]

Philadelphia Phillies T-Shirts – 2008 World Series Champion Tees

I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that the Phillies are the freakin’ World Series Champions going into this year’s spring training. Savor it. Enjoy it. For most of us it’s the first in our lives that we have been able to say this. And all indications are that they could come right back [...]

Mike McGlynn – Offensive Tackle – 2008 Eagles Draft Pick

At 6-5 and 318lbs Mike McGlynn is a massive offensive tackle out of the University of Pittsburgh and Andy Reid likened him to John Runyan. One of the things that stands out from his highlight film is that he’s quick off the ball, good at sweeping across the field for blocks, and has a good [...]

Stay . . . just a little bit longer.

Well we’re off to a good start.  How many games until that injury bug comes back and finshes off the players it left out last year? When will players learn that they are more valuable to the team, and the fans, healthy?  Grant it, Lidge did nothing wrong, he was simply following orders from the [...]

Phillies are staying loose early on.

I think the Kendrick prank has gotten enough talk by now that most people have seen it, and in case you missed it, here’s a chance to view it. Kendrick prank. I’m glad to see that the Phillies are getting news on ESPN because of how relaxed they are. Also, pulling a prank like that [...]

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