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Kendrick gets #1.

The Good:  Howard hitting another homer and accumulating 4 RBIs.  Burrell not being a total waste with 2 RBIs coming with 2 outs in the inning.  Joe Table coming through in the clutch getting a big out. The Bad:  A shaky first inning giving up too many extra outs.  Madson losing his stuff and/or Charlie [...]

Blah, pretty much sums up the game.

The Good:  Obviously the one run of the game for the Phils, Howard’s homerun.  The Phillies outfield throwing out another baserunner. The Bad:  Nothing new, 10 LOB.  Jason Michaels went 2 for 3 (the pitches must’ve looked like police officers cause he sure was hitting them).  Our great and powerful King Cole was dethroned. Everyone’s [...]

Don’t give up hope.

Sorry about the delayed blog, but Father’s Day is more important then the Phillies.  I actually had a pretty good weekend (probably due to the fact that I watched yesterday’s game and missed todays).  I spend Father’s Day weekend down at LBI and our cable provider does not carry CW.  Lucky for me I brought [...]

Rowand should be going, going, gone.

Pitching, pitching, pitching. Who would have guessed that 8 runs isn’t enough for a win.   But I can tell you right now, that game was lost in the top of the 2nd.  When Rowand dropped that ball, it was as if the team came out of their winning trance and started playing like the [...]

Another sweep.

Don’t do it. Don’t think that just because they swept another team that the Phillies have turned this team around. Kyle Kendrick didn’t seem intimidated in his major league debut. However, I don’t see him being able to hold up in the rotation. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong but I think he’s still a little [...]

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