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Despite Month Long Offensive Woes, Phillies Retain Best Record In MLB

It’s pretty amazing to me that despite all the injuries, and despite all the offensive lethargy, the Phillies are entering June with the best record in the Majors. That’s a testament to the depth and well-roundedness of this team. Or maybe it’s just a testament to 4 great pitchers.

I’d say my biggest concern at this point, as it’s been the for the last two seasons, is the offensive inconsistency. There are too many long stretches where they just can’t produce runs. It would be easy to say that this is just a result of one or another player being injured, but really, the offensive issue has been present now for several seasons. That’s not to say they don’t have runs of brilliance. But if they can’t shrug off these long stretches of offensive impotency, it just may come back to haunt them when they face a great pitching team like the Giants in the playoffs again this year.


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