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NFL Playoff Pick – Steelers vs. Ravens

I think everyone has jumped on the Ravens bandwagon, but I think that bandwagon will come to a screeching halt when they face Pittsburgh.

If you think about the ways the Ravens have won their games verus the ways the Steelers have won their games, you’ll see my logic. The Steelers method is a more reliable one. It does not depend completely on the big play (though they get their share of them). A stout defense combined with an offense that’s good enough to move the ball and get scores.

On the other hand, the Ravens are pulling out wins without winning the time-possession or yardage game. They are getting defensive turnovers, and they are doing it consistently, but how long can it last? How long can a team keep winning off defensive scores and unbelievable field position? Pittsburgh is too disciplined and methodical – and I think the Ravens magic runs out here.


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