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Sixers lose by 50

After a couple of steps in the right direction, your Philadelphia 76ers decided to do an about face, and drive 90 miles per hour in the wrong direction. A 124-74 loss. The worst part? To me, there didn’t seem to be a semblance of anger from the players or head coach Maurice Cheeks.


Some Philadelphia 76er press clippings:

“You stand behind Shaq, I’m at least somewhat at eye level,” Joe Smith said. “I stand beside Yao, I’ve got to tilt my neck a little bit. To see a guy that size with the touch he has around the basket [10-for-18] is amazing. – Joe Smith

“I’ve been in this league a long time. That’s a good team over there, a very good team [42-25]. It’s like I told the players, they’re not 50 points better than us, but a good team. Certainly the progress we’ve made over the last few games is not going to be negated by the game we played. We’re going to throw this game out the window and try to come back and obviously try to be a lot better.” – Mo Cheeks

“We’ve had a lot of tough things happen to us this season,” he said. “This is not going to break us, by any means. We’ve come way too far for that to happen. It’s a tough loss, no doubt about it, but we’re just going to stay together, like we have all season . . . We’ve come so far since that 12-game losing streak. We’re not going to let this get us down.” – Kyle Korver

Translation: The season is almost over, we’re not very good, so this isn’t anything to get worked up over.

Well, I disagree and don’t get me wrong, I have written before that it is in the 76ers best interests to tank the season for the Oden or Durant pick. However, losing at home by 50 points without putting up a fight is different. Its embarrassing.

Some Houston Rocket press clippings:

“We were up by 40, dunking the basketball.” – Rafer Alston

“They didn’t give any hard fouls. They didn’t get called for any technicals.” – Kirk Snyder

“Please don’t put my name to this quote, but damn! They broke the code. Everyone knows you could be playing in the park and if someone is running it up you say, ‘Yo! Enough’s enough.’ “ – Unnamed player quoted by Stephen A. Smith

So much for categorization that the 76ers are a young, scrappy team that is long on heart, only to be impeded by their lack of experience.

Hmmm…..not so much.

I put it to you, what needs to be done here? Fire Mo Cheeks? Hire Larry Brown? Fire Billy King? Keep losing, and draft well? Hmmm? Hmmmm? Hmmmm?


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