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I find this hard to believe

Not that the NFL is a better run business than the NBA. Or that the NFL is the most profitable of the major sports.

What I find hard to believe comes from this odd little fact I happened upon. What I find hard to believe is that annual revenue from all NCAA sports is basically the same as the total revenue the Girl Scouts get from their cookie sales. Really? All that beer they sell at the Ohio State vs. Michigan games? And all the money that goes into the Final Four.

Are these two things really even on the same scale?

The Business of Sports
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Penn Missing From List of Most Beautiful Colleges

I just ran across this list of the 50 Most Beautiful Colleges from a publication called The Best Colleges. It’s a fun list to look through, but notoriously missing from the list is The University of Pennsylvania’s amazing urban campus.

Now I’ve been on a lot of campuses both in rural and city settings, and I am pretty sure that Penn deserves to be in the top 50. For being right smack dab in the middle of a city, it can’t be beat. It’s an oasis of greenery and beautiful architecture to those who sometimes tire of the hustle and bustle of city life.

Oh well. You win have everything. And in this city it seems we only win once every two decades or so.

Despite Month Long Offensive Woes, Phillies Retain Best Record In MLB

It’s pretty amazing to me that despite all the injuries, and despite all the offensive lethargy, the Phillies are entering June with the best record in the Majors. That’s a testament to the depth and well-roundedness of this team. Or maybe it’s just a testament to 4 great pitchers.

I’d say my biggest concern at this point, as it’s been the for the last two seasons, is the offensive inconsistency. There are too many long stretches where they just can’t produce runs. It would be easy to say that this is just a result of one or another player being injured, but really, the offensive issue has been present now for several seasons. That’s not to say they don’t have runs of brilliance. But if they can’t shrug off these long stretches of offensive impotency, it just may come back to haunt them when they face a great pitching team like the Giants in the playoffs again this year.

Flyers Need To Close Out Games

The Flyers are in a dead heat with the Rangers and Devils for first place in the Atlantic. Take away that horrid start and they’d be in first. But there’s something else I noticed. The Flyers have way taken too many games to OT and failed to close the deal, leaving points on the table. Sure, their losses column is relatively low, but so is their win column.

If the Flyers are going win their division, then they will need to close the deal on more games either by winning in regulation or overtime.

Philadelphia Phillies T-Shirts – 2008 World Series Champion Tees

I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that the Phillies are the freakin’ World Series Champions going into this year’s spring training. Savor it. Enjoy it. For most of us it’s the first in our lives that we have been able to say this. And all indications are that they could come right back and repeat.

Remember that site I mentioned a few days ago, where you can search for all kinds of t-shirts? I love it. Now that the Eagles season is done, I’m gearing up for spring training already. So I went back to look for some Phillies gear to get in the mood. Check out these great Phillies World Series t-shirts.

There’s nothing like some schwag to put you in the mood.

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